Chattanooga Funding

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Meet Tony

Tony William’s role at Chattanooga Funding is the perfect match for his kindhearted character. He’s active in his buyer’s journey from beginning to end making sure everything runs smoothly until they’re in their dream home. Tony will spend many hours making sure their client’s needs are met by managing all documents and information needed for the process.

Time Savings

During Christmas break of 2021, Tony’s child was sick and he had to get documents done. Tony describes being able to run into the office for only about 15-20 minutes and knock it all out while his son lay on the couch for his dad to finish work. This task used to take a few hours.

Any working parent knows what this feeling is like. The need to get deadlines in while family calls is always a tough situation. This was very impactful for Tony and his family.

I would have been there doing documentation instead of taking care of my kid. That was huge for me.
Financial Savings

Documint enabled Tony to integrate with Airtable(the database his company uses) to transfer all the necessary client information he needed for his documents. Customized variables will be placed in the template and autogenerate any information that was previously manually entered.

Tony realized he was saving a lot of money by:

  1. Not having to hire someone else and
  2. Not spending hundreds of dollars on other companies that offer similar functionality.
I don’t have to hire another person, we’re saving $35,000 to $40,000 a year just because I don’t have to find someone to do this
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