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Documint vs Docupilot

June 03 2024

Documint vs Docupilot

In today's digital-first environment, choosing the right document automation tool is crucial for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows. In this article we’ll take a look at two leading options – Documint and Docupilot. Both services offer multiple subscription levels so for this comparison, we’ll look at Documint’s Silver Plan and Docupilot’s Starter Plan

Feature Documint
$30 $29
200 100
Template Editor Style
Drag-and-Drop Word Processor
Conditional Logic
API Access
Automations Through 3rd Party Apps
Help Center Knowledge Base


Pricing and Usage

Documint’s Silver plan and Docupilot’s Starter plan are very comparable when it comes to pricing. Documint starts at $30 per month while Docupilot starts at $29 per month. The biggest difference between these two plans is the amount of usage you get for that price. With Documint, you’ll be able to merge 200 documents with the silver plan and with Docupilot, you get half of that or 100 merged documents with the starter plan.

User Interface

Documint's platform is engineered for ease, featuring a modern, user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop template builder that requires no coding skills. This design is especially appealing to non-technical users who wish to significantly cut down on document processing time. 

Docupilot offers a word processor-style editor, which might be more comfortable for those accustomed to traditional document software. However, this setup may not support the dynamic capabilities needed for designing complex templates as effectively as Documint’s intuitive system.

Integration Capabilities

Integration is key to automation. Documint shines with its seamless integrations with major CRM systems such as HubSpot, making it an excellent choice for sales and marketing teams aiming to automate their documentation processes directly from their CRM. Docupilot is not far behind with integration capabilities via Zapier and direct API access. Documint also integrates with Zapier and direct API access, making third party integration potential nearly unlimited. 

Which Should You Choose?

The choice between Documint and Docupilot should be based on your specific business requirements:

  • Documint is ideal if you need an easy-to-use platform that prioritizes complex documents being created easily.
  • Docupilot appeals more to businesses that are more familiar with word processor style template editors that have a steeper learning curve to achieve complex documents.
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