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Case Studies

Learn how companies and individuals are using document automation to improve productivity and streamline their processes.

Thousands of companies are automating millions of documents
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FP Complete logo - Documint case study image

How FP Complete saves about 2 weeks' worth of time by using Documint

Meet Nick Nick Ferguson is the VP of Platform Engineering and Cloud Enablement at FP Complete. The admirable title doesn...

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Charter School - Documint case study image

How a charter school uses Documint to automate all their paperwork

Meet Helen Behind every well-organized school is hardworking administration holding it up. And that’s exactly Helen Bell...

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Kitchen Magic logo - Documint case study image

How Documint changed the way Kitchen Magic generates customer letters and run sheets

Meet Alex Alex Teran has been a backend developer with Kitchen Magic for 5 years. Over the 5 years, Alex has enjoyed dev...

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GAP Consulting - Documint Case Study

How GAP Consulting saves time and money by automating their client agreements

Meet Gareth Gareth Pronovost is the owner/founder of GAP consulting. He started GAP consulting about 4 years ago. His ex...

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Chattanooga Funding - Documint Case Study image

How Chattanooga saves over $30k by using Documint

Meet Tony Tony William’s role at Chattanooga Funding perfectly matches his kindhearted character. He’s active in his buy...

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