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How FP Complete saves about 2 weeks' worth of time by using Documint

The engineers at FP are extremely skillful and strive for the best customer guidance.


Meet Nick

Nick Ferguson is the VP of Platform Engineering and Cloud Enablement at FP Complete. The admirable title doesn’t end there. Before joining FP Complete, Nick was the CTO of a hedge fund for about 15 years. Needless to say, Nick is an extremely efficient and talented worker. I was more than excited to hear how Nick came across Documint and learn more about his use case.

The Challenge

The problems were in document creation. As a consulting agency, FP Complete has an assessment process to learn more about the client’s infrastructure, security, software, etc. Before Nick joined, these documents were created manually.

“I didn’t want to create a new template and a new document every time I wanted to output any content, so I started looking for alternatives.”

Nick explored many ways to get their time back with different document applications. While there were great products that stood out, none of them were for Nick’s specific use case.

The Solution

“What I was having problems with is something that I found Documint excelled at. It was amazing once I found out how it worked inside the system.”

After trying every single service that offers document creation, Nick came across Documint in the Airtable marketplace. Nick describes his first interaction with Documint as “simplistic” and “incredible.”

“It makes creating complex documents really simple."

Documint’s capability of collecting nested data made it possible for Nick to finally find an application for his use case.

Even after transferring his data from Airtable to Fibery.io, Nick was still able to automate his documents.

“It allowed me to build very specific reports from related data and only do it with a small number of templates.

“It simplified my life so much”

Time Saved

“I think collecting and writing those reports before would have been, I don’t know, 2 weeks. A good week and a half of effort…”

“Now that I have this other system, I can just generate the document consistently, it saves those two weeks for sure.”

Easy to Use

"Because of the power of the variables and the ability to do loops, it just made it super easy. I didn’t see a purpose for creating multiple templates”.


Software Consulting

Areas of Expertise

RUST, Haskell, Scala

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