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How GAP Consulting saves time and money by automating their client agreements

Meet Gareth

Gareth Pronovost is the owner/founder of GAP consulting. He started GAP consulting about 4 years ago. His experience with Airtable and his knowledge of the no-code community has helped 100s of individuals cut time on tedious low-value tasks to spend their time on more profitable aspects.

The Challenge

“We were looking for a more cost-effective alternative that still gets the job done.”

GAP consulting is a rapidly growing automation agency. That means an influx of agreement documents that need to be created and signed, amongst other documents that need to be prepared as part of the onboarding process. They were struggling to find a document automation service that could integrate with their database (Airtable) without breaking the bank. 

The Solution

Documint was the perfect fit for GAP's needs. Not only was it affordable, but it also made their document processes more efficient and streamlined. Gareth is now a huge fan of Documint and encourages others to give it a try for their own document automation needs.

Integrates directly with Airtable

"Documint really understands Airtable"

As Airtable consultants, GAP Consulting wanted to ensure that any document automation solution they used would integrate seamlessly with their own Airtable bases as well as their clients' bases. That's why they were thrilled to discover that Documint has native integration with Airtable. This meant that there was no need for additional software like Zapier to make the two platforms work together. With just one click, they were able to set up the integration and get started using Documint to automate their document processes. This made it easy and convenient for GAP Consulting to use Documint and provide a better experience for their clients.

Customer support

"When I have a question...I get answers really quickly"

Even Gareth and his team need support sometimes. Gareth was impressed by the customer support he received from Documint. Whenever he had a question or needed assistance with the platform, the team at Documint was quick to respond and provide helpful guidance. This made it easy for Gareth and his team to get up and running with the platform and take full advantage of its features. The personalized support they received helped them feel confident in their decision to use Documint and made the entire process of integrating it with their Airtable databases seamless.  




IT Consulting


Gap Consulting is a consulting group in the no-code space focusing predominantly on Airtable and SmartSuite. Their mission is to empower their clients to use Airtable to its maximum potential and help automate their workflows.

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How GAP Consulting saves time and money by automating their client agreements
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